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closeup of milled profile
Tube Profiling Services:

Save time, save money, and produce more accurate assemblies with less jigging.

Our newly developed system is highly automated and designed from the ground up to provide a new level of quality and value in tube profiling.

  • Process options include CNC Milling and CNC Plasma.

  • We can process a wide variety of materials for various applications:
    Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, and more

  • We can produce the optimal geometry for welding.

  • A high level of automation provides an economical solution for any quantity, from 1 to thousands of each.

  • Easy Order Placement:   We will work from your Solidworks files, CAD files of other common formats, or regular 2D drawings. Parts can be delivered as a kit, with components labeled and ready to be assembled and welded.

CNC Profiled Tube Cluster

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